How to Burn More Calories on The Elliptical Machine

How to Burn More Calories on The Elliptical Machine

How to burn more calories on the ellipticalIf you are going to a gym and you want to burn calories, you will have to leave the weight for some other time, it is time for you to hit the cardio part of the gym. A lot of people make the mistake of trying to lift heavy weight thinking they will gain muscle mass and lose fat, but that doesn’t work like that. You first have to lose fat and then later work on your muscles. This article will show you how to how to burn more calories on the elliptical machine.

Increase Resistance Settings

When you get on the elliptical machine in your gym, you will see that there are various settings that you can use in order to personalize your workout. Most people don’t like to change those setting because they think they will break something, but you don’t want to be that person. It is your right to change the settings on that machine and you should do it every time because you have to work out at your own pace. The first setting that you will have to change in order to burn more calories is the resistance setting. This will change the machine to put out more resistance than before and you will have to try really hard to make it move. Of course, you have to keep it at a resistance where you feel comfortable, you don’t want to struggle.

Set Goals

The Elliptical Machine

My next advice for you would be to simply set some goals for yourself such as the distance that you want to cover for that one session. It is just like with treadmills, you can set or monitor the distance that you covered and that should be one of the goals. For the first time, you need to do as much as you can and see the distance. Then the next time, you need to add to that distance because that way you can push yourself to burn more calories. Each time you finish a workout, you need to set a new goal for the next workout session.

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