The Beta Switch - Release those trapped Fats!

The Beta Switch - Release those trapped Fats!

The Beta Switch Release those trapped Fats

Release those trapped Fats!

Indeed, women generally have more body fat than men, and it is twice as hard for them to shed off the excess fat and lose weight. The normal fat ratio of an average woman is around 6 to 11 percent. On a woman, Excess fats tend to build up on thighs, belly, arms, and bums.

Combine this with ease of access to today’s fast foods and the limited time many women have in their busy lives, it is hardly surprising that many look to weight loss programs as a solution.

Something many women find when trying to create a lean, muscular body is that performing intense workouts can actually “trap” fats in certain parts of the body. Strict diets can also cause the body to try and retain fats. Combined with the “cheat days” that many diets allow, can result in stubborn fatty areas that are almost impossible to remove.

This is why, Sue Heinz, a highly distinguished weight loss and body transformation expert, and a highly-decorated figure competitor, developed and perfected a proprietary system for targeting women’s fat zones – The Beta Switch System!

What is The Beta Switch System?

The Beta Switch System emphasizes how to achieve weight loss, fat reduction, body fitness, and overall health through diet advice, workout plans, and a motivational approach. The Beta Switch System comes in the form of a manual that covers nutrition and workout techniques designed for a 12-week action plan. The system is built on a solid scientific basis.

The Beta Switch program tackles the methodologies of its creator that focus on the body’s Adrenoreceptors. These control the storing and release of body fats with the help of adrenaline hormones. The program explains that Adrenoreceptors is divided into two parts, the Alpha receptor that switches off the storing of stubborn fat and the Beta receptor that switches on the burning of this fat. The goal of this system is to activate the sleeping Beta receptors to generate a fat loss in the zones that have been keeping fat courtesy of the Alpha receptors.

The Beta Switch System is aimed at enabling you to master your fat-burning switch using The Beta Switch System. So you can enjoy a brand-new weight loss experience, especially on those stubborn areas of the thighs, bum, hips, belly, and arms. And you won’t have to worry about starving yourself to do it!.

What separates the Beta Switch System from other programs is the fact that it focuses on a long-term effect rather than a strict diet and exercises which produce results but only on a short-time basis.

PROS: The Beta Switch System is not only scientifically proven, but is also used by the creator Sue in her fitness lifestyle and has helped her to win competitions. Additionally, this system is different from other weight loss programs as it focuses on the woman’s Aden receptors. A 12-week initial plan is very realistic.

CONS: The Beta Switch System is strictly for women only. It is a software product, so you will need to be online to access it, although you can download it.

Probably best for body shaping rather than large volume weight loss

Ruth Donaldson
“As Week 10,11, and 12 rolled around I had hit my goal!
My Habits were formed. I instinctively knew what I shouldn’t do…Even my four children were proud to see stick with it.”

Monica Jessop
“Do it for you – I wanted to fit into my honeymoon white Capri pants-my ultimate goal! I had them hanging up in the lounge to keep me motivated to fit into them… like I did before my kids… and I did it! Thanks, Sue!”

CONCLUSION: The Beta Switch System is proven to work, even though I have seen a couple of negative reviews. The ultimate proof that the Beta Switch System is effective is that the creator Sue Heinz is using it herself. Having a 12-week plan makes a lot of sense, as the slower weight loss is usually easier to sustain. If you are looking to lose a few pounds and improve your body shape and are willing to stick to a longer-term plan, then this may suit you perfectly.

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