Save on Onnit: Food For The Brain and More

Save on Onnit: Food For The Brain and More

What is Onnit?

 Is the name supposed to be the answer to a question? “How is your brain functioning right now?” “Not well.” “What are you doing about it?” “I’m Onnit.” Aside from fitness, the mission at this American company is definitely all to do with the brain and how it functions. Learn more about its roots and goals.

The Onnit Mission

At Onnit, they want to encourage consumers to push for their top performance. How do they do this? Onnit provides several products that promote brain and, ultimately, bodily performance in athletics, arts, academics, and business.

Products are the result of the latest research and developments plus selected ingredients are proven to maximize brain function naturally. Customers can buy food, supplements, equipment, and find advice from the Onnit community about how to achieve their best in any aspect of life. In fact, the people at Onnit are looking for “Total Human Optimization”; enhancement of the whole person.

History Of

For more than 5 years, Onnit has been operating as a business. They released their first product in 2011, a supplement known as Alpha BRAIN. This was the product to cement their reputation among athletes and others.

Alpha BRAIN combines ingredients known to stimulate and enhance cognitive function. That was product number one and they have had their eye on the future ever since, like all inspired teams with healthy brains should do.


Today, Onnit continues to research their field and add products of use to all people in society who want to do better but feel like their brains are incapable of going beyond their current state. Something is missing, a piece that cannot be found in food alone. If diet was all it took, anyone could establish higher brain function without Alpha BRAIN but it sounds like consumers either can’t do that or they need it all simplified for them. Onnit will provide the additional ingredient and simplify matters for consumers as long as there is a demand for Nootropics. Onnit coupon codes introduce a new group of customers to the product.

What Are Nootropics?

These are medicines, foods, and supplements which are used to improve the way a brain functions. With such aids, individuals focus better on the work they are doing. Their memories improve and these people absorb information more readily. Nootropics also treat medical conditions, but Onnit is one of those companies concentrating on the consumer who desires a boost to get them above the average level of performance; a push into the next realm. Their customers are family, a family they encourage to succeed.

Top Advocates Of Onnit

Onnit is promoted and approved by professionals at the height of their game or profession. They include world-class sports professionals and doctors who choose to say good things about Onnit; they are not simply taking pay to say nice things. Why would they?

These are people already making their own way in the world, well paid to do what they do, but happy that research has provided them and their friends with something more. These advocates are fans of Onnit’s sourcing standards and the strong foundations behind product development as well as results, of course.

What Is Total Human Optimization?

Human beings are amazing, and their bodies are sophisticated. The maximizing performance involves a complicated blend of actions like feeding it the right fuel, choosing the best forms of exercise, getting enough sleep, and engaging in activities that bring joy. The brain also uses 20% of the fuel one provides which is a big draw on resources. If those resources are going to optimize cognitive function, they have to be healthy, nutritious forms of fuel. Most consumers do not eat nearly enough fish or leafy greens, however.

 Their brains are starving.

Founder and CEO Aubrey Marcus and legions of Onnit fans have discovered that neurological malnutrition is reversible. His supplement supplies the key. Marcus shows, with his range of talents and abilities, just how effective Alpha BRAIN really is.

Selected Products From Onnit With Coupon Codes

Onnit makes and sells nootropics, over-the-counter supplements (or over the internet) which promote healthy brain function. Some nootropics are said to require time; you take them for weeks before noticing results. Onnit says their flagship product, Alpha BRAIN, starts working right away. You might have discovered the website when exploring Onnit coupon codes made available on a promotional website for health foods and supplements.

Not Mere Promotion: Onnit Coupons

Where do they get that idea? Onnit backs their findings with research and customer testimonials. Consumers who favor Onnit as their brain food of choice say that Alpha BRAIN stimulated their brains right away. These people take Alpha BRAIN and supporting products regularly so they can continue to enjoy excellent memory, concentration, and information uptake.

What Is Alpha BRAIN?

“Alpha” is the top, the first, the premier of something. In a wolf pack, “Alpha wolf” is the leader. The people at Onnit suggest this example of what happens when you take Alpha BRAIN: of words getting stuck on the tip of your tongue before Alpha BRAIN but coming out more fluidly after you take it. Alpha BRAIN promotes those cognitive connections that get lost over time when the brain is no longer functioning optimally. The information is there, but it becomes stuck somehow. Onnit releases that “plugged” feeling with Alpha BRAIN.

Natural ingredients combine to optimize the flow of brainwaves without interruption. Coffee isn’t good enough on its own, you need more than the stimulating effects of caffeine to promote brain activity long-term, especially if you are going to compete successfully in any area of life. Onnit uses Bacopa, Cat’s Claw, Huperzia Serrata, and Oat Straw. The first one is an antioxidant, memory aid, and is used to encourage long life. Cat’s Claw is also an antioxidant. Oat Straw reduces stress and fatigue. Huperzia Serrata promotes an age-defiant brain and is used as a natural remedy for or preventative treatment against Alzheimer’s Disease.

Introducing Key Minerals

This product enhances many other elements of body function. Minerals support overall health for bone strength, circulation, and more. While they might not always directly influence cognitive function, any kind of disease or deficiency eventually influences every system. Key Minerals contain Calcium, Molybdenum, Iodine, and Magnesium.

Calcium is widely known as the fundamental feature of healthy teeth and bones. Other roles related to energy, moods, circulation, muscle repair, endurance, and nerve health. Special forms of calcium used in Key Minerals are easy for the body to absorb.

Molybdenum works with enzymes to detoxify the body. Onnit uses a special patented form. Alternative health care providers often talk about the lack of magnesium in modern diets, relating this lack to restless legs, poor moods, muscle cramping, and more. According to Onnit, Magnesium is active in many ways. The nervous system needs it and so does the heart.

Finally, iodine supports a healthy thyroid. If you are not getting enough, your body struggles with metabolism, cognitive structure, growth, and fertility. In other words, iodine is one of the keys to hormonal balance.

Earth Grown Nutrients In Onnit Products

There are a lot of supplements we could talk about, but Onnit’s Earth Grown Nutrients is a key one. It contains Jerusalem Artichoke, a prebiotic food, super-green Moringa, and Broccoli Sprouts for gastric and lung health. Choose a flavor: Black Cherry or Lemon Mint.

After taking Earth Grown Nutrients, you will notice that the beneficial properties in good foods come alive as uptake increases. Experience relief from an illness as your body fights free radicals more effectively. Gastric improvements, better absorption of nutrients, and free-radical fighting properties result in detoxification. Feel better as toxins flood out of your body. Be sure to drink plenty of water to optimize the performance of Earth Grown Nutrients.

Eating Well

Onnit also offers a catalog of foods and drinks. Try their special coffee, energy bars, or protein shakes. This company promotes The Dolce Whey, a protein powder from trainer Mike Dolce.

Products For Less With Onnit Coupon Codes

What is stopping the world from embracing Onnit nootropics? Science seems to back the efficacy of their product when it comes to brain performance, and many consumers need a bit of help with that. Why, then, isn’t this label facing out from every cupboard in every kitchen around the country? It’s simple: either you don’t need it or can’t afford it. That’s why there are awesome Onnit coupons available.

Who Doesn’t Need Onnit?

If your diet is already very good and contains brain food of all sorts, the nutrients in Onnit are probably surplus to requirement. How do you know? It’s simple: your memory is pretty good. When you want to find an apt word or tell a story, the words you want to come easily to mind. Are you concentrating well and feeling like you understand information that is shared with you? That’s another good sign. Meanwhile, you probably get enough exercise, notice muscle development is solid, and probably focus well to achieve athletic and professional or academic goals. Spending money on supplements would be a waste.

Who Doesn’t Buy Onnit?

That leaves the vast majority of the population, judging by the number of overweight consumers, people suffering from mental health problems, individuals struggling with poor memory, and instances of Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia. Shouldn’t they have Alpha BRAIN in their cupboards? Maybe they should or at least some kind of OTC nootropics. It can’t hurt to try non-medical supplements filled with natural ingredients and the benefits could be amazing, but Onnit Alpha BRAIN is not cheap. Neither are the other products sold there.

Expensive Essentials

Unfortunately, good health often carries a high price tag in the short term. You will save money by not having to stick figurative band-aids over every symptom arising from the poor mental function such as depression or anxiety. Improving health leads to fewer trips to the doctor for circulatory and respiratory problems. Dodge the side effects of aging and you no longer have to buy products that make your skin seem younger. Improving cognitive ability makes you more employable and your wages will increase, but that’s later. For now, it is hard to imagine spending $34.95 on a bottle of 30 pills to take daily.

Spend Less at Onnit

How can you reduce these costs and still enjoy the benefits of supplements for the brain? One way to go about saving a few dollars is to apply a coupon code. Onnit coupon codes provide consumers a way to save 10% or more on orders of any full-price item in their online catalog. Just go to a website listing promotional codes and coupons for assorted products or for health food, vitamins, and supplements. Reveal the code and use it at Onnit.

A word of advice: when you click the code that will take you directly to the business website, you won’t reveal a discount there. The simplest option is to find a promo site that reveals the series of numbers and letters which provides savings. Most of the time, clicking the code takes customers of other brands and sites to the exact page where they find a deal or deals but that doesn’t work well with Onnit. Go the long way around by copying details on paper and typing them into a special spot at the checkout. Unless otherwise stated, coupons apply to general purchases, not specific.
Subscribe and Save

Another way to reduce costs at Onnit is to subscribe for repeat delivery of a product. When you do this, the firm takes 15% off the price. Try a month at full price and, if you are satisfied, sign up for automatic refills. Cancel any time you like.

Although it looks like this could be a path to savings, the Brain Master Power Pack is not a bundled deal. Customers pay full price for this pack of items; all they save is the inconvenience of trying to figure out which items will do the most good. This pack contains Krill Oil, MCT Oil, New Mood, and Alpha Brain.

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