Muscle Weight Vs. Fat Weight

Muscle Weight Vs  Fat Weight

Muscle Weight Vs  Fat Weight

Bathroom scales sometimes provide a distorted picture of one’s health. For example, as we age, the figure might go down which seems to suggest we are getting healthier, but the reverse is probably true.

We are losing muscle and bone density, especially if we don’t exercise. That could be why our pants are tighter but our bodies are lighter.

Deception of Modern Diets and Exercise Programs

The past 50 years of diet and exercise advice have been to work out for longer and eat less fat. Getting exercise is crucial to good health. Eating a diet low in saturated fats is also critical. But neither of these pieces of advice is really helpful without some additional information and advice.

Many people think an hour of aerobics will burn 300 calories and help them lose fat around their middles. They imagine a 10-km jog will do the same. Meanwhile, their yogurt with 0% fat, berries, and sugar replacement is supposed to make them skinny. It won’t. We need healthy fat in our diets in order to deal with the unhealthy fats which make us plump. Exercising less but more efficiently could also be a good idea, and here is why: the scale only shows weight, not what that weight is made up of.

Higher Muscle Weight, Healthier Body

In some cases, the needle on that scale needs to rise a little before your middle shrinks. Individuals with a lot of weight to lose will definitely notice a spike before the numbers fall because muscle is denser than fat. It’s upsetting at first, but think about it: your arms and legs are probably slightly bigger and your middle has not filled out.

Why Bigger Muscles Matter

The most important thing you can do in order to lose weight is to improve muscle density. Healthy muscles always burn fat, even when you don’t exercise; even when you sleep. At rest, a muscular frame is always looking for fuel and if it is well-fed, that fuel has to come from fat.

That’s why bodybuilders eat a special diet. They are trying to prevent the body from seeking calories out of their muscle which is the first place one’s metabolism wants to look after it runs out of food. In order to lay down muscle tissue, repair, and protect muscles, one must consume more healthy fat and protein. Refined foods play no part in this healthy diet, but they tend to show up in “diet” foods.

Better Exercise

Rather than sweating for an hour, work out for half an hour using the HIIT method. Repeat a strenuous endurance move for one minute then rest for thirty seconds. Use hand weights or your own body weight, being careful not to strain yourself. Repeat this sequence for half an hour then stretch to prevent injury.

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