what to eat in the evening to weight loss ?

 The right dinner, or what to eat in the evening to weight loss?

No meal is surrounded by so many myths and stereotypes as dinner. The principles of healthy eating refute them. You do not need to suffer from hunger, forbidding yourself to eat after 18-00, give nutritious and delicious dishes to the enemy, or limit yourself to a glass of kefir "zero" fat content. Dinner can and should help in weight loss — it's just a matter of organizing it properly.

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Long skipping meals (from high tea to the morning) disrupts the metabolism, harms the stomach lining, interferes with the construction of muscle tissue, and metabolic processes that the body "starts" at night. Without dinner, a person can hardly fall asleep in the evening, and healthy full-fledged sleep is the key to effective weight loss. In the morning, you feel a decline in strength, it is difficult to Wake up and get up. This does not give "Carte Blanche" to overeat in the evening and exceed the daily calorie limit. PP dinner for weight loss — timely eaten, rich in nutrients, which will not cause heaviness and will not prevent you from losing weight.

Rules for evening meals for weight loss:

  • dinner is served three hours before bedtime (give or take 15 minutes) so that the food is digested, and before bedtime, you do not feel hungry. Therefore, the "up to six" rule will only work when you go to bed at 21-00.
  • dinner accounts for 20-25% of the daily calorie intake — if you lose weight with a diet of 1200-1600 kcal, it will amount to 400 kcal.
  • if the daily calorie intake is maintained for the day, it is allowed to Supplement a light dinner with kefir with greens or bran, natural yogurt for half an hour or an hour before going to bed.
  • you can not miss an evening meal — irregular dinners are fraught with gastrointestinal diseases, "plateaus" when losing weight, a person will become irritable and nervous.
  • the dinner must include foods rich in protein and fiber (about 100 g and 150 g, respectively), with a minimum of carbohydrates, products with an increased glycemic index.
  • you need to concentrate on food, chewing food carefully, and putting away your gadgets to avoid the risk of uncontrolled overeating.
  • PP dinner should be accompanied by a sufficient amount of liquid — water, pure or with lemon, green or herbal tea (fresh juices are not recommended by many doctors, it is better to eat a whole fruit or vegetable).
  • when overeating (an evening trip to a cafe, a hard day at work), you can not skip breakfast the next day — an additional workout or jog will help you get rid of the calories obtained.

What you need to remember:

Healthy eating — 70-80% success rate in weight loss. Regardless of the composition of the dinner, to lose weight, it is necessary to maintain a balance in food intake and the total daily calorie intake for weight loss. Therefore, it is important to organize proper nutrition throughout the day. "Sitting on snacks" and overeating in the evening (even within the calorie limit) leads to a violation of digestion and metabolism, as well as a break between meals of 12 or more hours.

The necessity of Breakfast and lunch is not questioned by any professional nutritionist, nutritionist, and fitness trainer. However, the energy value and composition of the PFC is necessary for the efficient spread between all meals and follow a diet. If you do not have time to prepare with the observance of KBZHU or do not want to, the delivery of a weekly. It contains delicious and varied dishes for healthy and intensive weight loss.

What is not recommended to include in the dinner

In the evening, the food should be nutritious, but light. To lose weight, keeping the body healthy and beautiful, the dinner menu excludes legumes, cabbage, and other foods that cause bloating and make it difficult to digest at night. Do not recommend in the evening fried in oil, deep-fried dishes, and treats rich in fats, sugar, and other "fast" carbohydrates — sweet muffins, flour, and confectionery. Exclude:
  • starchy dishes - potatoes, macaroni, ground rice, couscous;
  • fruits with a high sugar content — grapes, bananas, peaches, figs, melons (it has a diuretic effect, it is not worth eating at night);
  • industrial sweet cheeses, curds, and yogurts;
  • dried fruits and nuts in large portions — they are too high in calories, they are eaten a little for dinner;
  • red meat-it will increase the amount of adrenaline and prevent you from falling asleep;
  • smoked, salted — they hold water, in the morning the face will become puffy;
  • fat meat and poultry (goose, duck);
  • soda, convenience foods, and fast food.

Useful foods for dinner and ways to prepare them

The essence of an evening meal is preparing the body for a night's rest, optimizing the metabolic process that does not stop during sleep. Dishes for dinner are recommended not to fry, but to bake, stew, or cook for a couple (in a steamer, on a water bath). It is important to include fiber in your meals, which will clear the digestive tract of waste products and "garbage" accumulated during the day. It is found in vegetables, so in the evening it is useful to eat cucumbers, zucchini, and zucchini, tomatoes, beets, corn — almost everything except potatoes.

At night, the body intensively "builds" muscle tissue, and it needs proteins. "Building material" suitable for dinner — lean meat and poultry (rabbit, chicken or Turkey, veal), eggs, cheese, and tofu as a Protein Supplement. The optimal main dish for the evening is fish or seafood. An abundance of phosphorus, omega-acids, iodine, and other nutrients will benefit, and easy digestibility will not make you feel heavy in the stomach. Tuna, pink salmon, cod, haddock, trout, hake, and other low - and moderate-fat fish will do. Seafood includes mussels, squid, shrimp, and scallops.

A few additional recommendations:

  • the correct end of the dinner is sour and moderately sweet berries and fruits (apples, pears, citrus, pineapple, kiwi).
  • it is useful to include cottage cheese, rich in calcium and containing casein "long" protein - it is required for the restoration of muscle tissue.
  • you can fill and Supplement your dishes with fermented milk products — yogurt, low-fat kefir, natural yogurt without additives.
  • fresh greens, dried bran, flax, or Chia seeds will improve digestion.
  • vegetarians replace animal protein with peas, lentils, beans.
  • with an active lifestyle, intensive training, physical exertion, "slow" carbohydrates are introduced into the evening diet — wholegrain bread, buckwheat, unpolished rice, and so on.

Examples of dishes that are suitable for a diet dinner and help you lose weight

You can reduce weight without limiting yourself to a variety of delicious dishes for dinner. Combining protein sources, fiber, and dressings, alternating cooking methods, adding to dinner a salad of fresh vegetables with olives, tofu, or mozzarella, you can "feast" every night, losing weight and eating correctly. Here are some basic recipes, and your culinary imagination will help you complete and correct them.

Protein main course with a light side dish

Light dietary dinner for weight loss — a portion of healthy protein, supplemented with a side dish of fiber-fresh or baked vegetables. The main course can be fish or a breast of chicken or Turkey. They are prepared, cut into portions, if necessary — smeared with a mixture of salt and spices, olive oil (a little, it has almost 900 calories per 100 g.), soy sauce, or kefir. Pieces of meat or fish are baked in the oven, stewed under a lid or boiled, no deep-frying, or frying in oil.

Vegetables are suitable for garnish — fresh or cooked. Eggplants, zucchini, onions, sweet peppers, carrots with spices and herbs are baked in foil, they turn out juicy and elegant. Cauliflower or broccoli can be boiled, tomatoes, cucumbers, and celery can be eaten in a salad. When you add a mixture of fresh vegetables tofu, low-fat cheese, cottage cheese will turn out a full-fledged evening dish, light and nutritious.

Lightweight dinner for weight loss with health benefits

If you limit your daily calorie intake, light meals of up to 300 kcal are suitable for dinner.
  • eggs, boiled, in the form of omelets or scrambled eggs. They are supplemented with raw or cooked vegetables, crumbly porridges on water (if you need complex carbohydrates);
  • fermented dairy products with medium fat content (excessive caloric or completely fat-free types should be avoided). They will be supplemented with fruits, berries, bran, dry fiber, or useful seeds;
  • green smoothies of cucumbers, spinach, greens, sweet peppers with vegetable juice;
  • cheese casserole. For 200 g of cottage cheese, you need 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons of semolina, raisins, dried fruits, or candied fruits if desired, the dough is put in the oven for 30 minutes at 180°C;
  • cocktail of boiled seafood with a green salad and fresh vegetables;
  • lean meat stewed with onions, carrots, zucchini under the lid, without frying, with a minimum of oil;
  • cauliflower filled with a mixture of cheese and egg and baked in the oven;
  • cottage cheese, in which fruits, berries, honey, and so on are added.

A variety of dressings will make an interesting green salad or lean meat. The taste of dishes will be enriched by lemon juice with a spoonful of olive oil, low-fat yogurt with chopped dill and parsley. A beautiful serving of food in small plates (the portion will seem voluminous) will help you not to break the diet and not overeat at dinner. A small trick: if you want to eat before going to bed, and the breakdown is "just around the corner", it is worth brushing your teeth — this will reduce your appetite and set your brain to prepare for sleep.

By eating properly at dinner, eating Breakfast and lunch on time, and cooking with imagination, you can lose weight, keeping your body healthy and your body beautiful. Physical fitness will definitely add cheerfulness, a surge of energy in the morning, and a good mood for the next day.

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