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Drying for women

Drying is weight loss by reducing the subcutaneous fat layer, replacing it with muscles. Do not confuse it with dehydration, when the water leaves the body and creates the illusion of rapid weight loss. Some strict diets provide rapid weight loss due to water and muscle tissue, and this is dangerous for health. Also, the body weight quickly returns, it is necessary only to cease to Deplete the body. Drying works the other way around: you lose adipose tissue and instead build up muscle relief.

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Why do I need to dry my body?

Drying is not a synonym for losing weight. When you lose weight, your body loses mass and volume. The paradox of drying is that during this process, the numbers on the scales can even grow. Because the task of drying is to replace fat with muscles, and they weigh much more. So with the same volumes, the bodyweight may well grow. It can grow even if the girth decreases. This is not exactly the result that women set for themselves. Rarely do any of the ladies talks: "Now I weigh 90 kg, but 30 kg is adipose tissue, and I want to have the same amount of muscle in me."

Drying is, first of all, a tool of athletes-bodybuilders. When they dry out, they stick to a diet and increase their training, but their figure changes are not due to a lack of calories. Changes occur because the basis of the diet becomes proteins - the "building material" for our muscles. If you limit the number of calories, you will not get the coveted muscle relief that bodybuilders strive for.

How can drying help women who are not going to participate in bodybuilding competitions? This is a way to get out of a situation when you train a lot, try to balance your diet, and your figure does not change for the better. Often, these problems are caused by unbalanced carbohydrate intake. They are an important part of the menu, as they serve as a source of energy. But they are also easily converted into adipose tissue. Drying helps to leave the hopeless circle and turn your excess pounds into beautiful muscles.

How to start drying the body for a woman

Women really find it harder to "dry out" than men. This is because they have a higher percentage of subcutaneous fat. However, do not rush to consider this a disadvantage. Yes, ladies have a higher percentage of subcutaneous fat - an important and necessary fat tissue that participates in metabolism. Men are more likely to encounter high percentages of dangerous fat that wraps around their internal organs. However, when starting to dry, you should take into account the peculiarities of physiology: do not rely on programs and advice for male athletes!

The first step in the right direction is to reduce carbohydrates in the diet. They will have to be replaced with proteins. Therefore, we will delete confectionery, pasta, and bakery products from the menu. During the drying period, you will also have to give up alcohol, sweet, salty food. This also applies to honey. Such restrictions in the diet are only the first stage, a mandatory, but insufficient condition. The menu will have to be reworked very thoroughly.

Control the carbs and PFC

The entire drying process is tied to the balance of BZHU. Proteins are complex molecules that are broken down for a long time by the body, while the body consistently "captures" them, for example, to create muscles. But carbohydrates are simple compounds, the body breaks them down quickly, and in the process of splitting them, energy and heat are released. We can use this energy for action, for training. This same energy our body "takes" to maintain the work of internal organs and the brain. But the excess energy is sent to the storage of adipose tissue.

An excess of carbohydrates

Drying involves active lipolysis - the splitting of adipose tissue. Accordingly, there should be no excess carbohydrates in the diet. Otherwise, the new oil will be formed as quickly as you will try to burn it. But lipolysis is a slow process that requires a lot of energy, and most importantly - the stable functioning of the hormonal system. How is this related? For glucose to be digested, you need insulin. It is produced by the pancreas, respectively, if the work of this organ is disrupted, difficulties may arise.

However, glucose tends to accumulate in the muscles and liver. And if there are too many carbohydrates in the diet, fat cells are formed from it. To solve this problem, a carbohydrate deficit is created during drying.

Lack of carbohydrates

It would seem that let's eliminate carbohydrates from the diet - and the problem is solved. However, it is not so simple, because we need the energy to train. If the blood glucose level is too low, ketoacidosis will occur as a pathological condition associated with an insulin deficiency. Therefore, the amount of carbohydrates in the diet is important to balance.

How to calculate it correctly

The optimal amount of carbohydrates during the drying period is 2 grams per kilogram of your weight per day. The main part of the daily portion should be eaten for the first and second Breakfast, and in the afternoon their number on the menu should be kept to a minimum. You should eat, of course, fractional, breaking the daily portion of food into 6 meals.

Calculation of proteins

The ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in the diet during drying should be as follows: 4: 2: 4. This is the optimal balance, ensuring a healthy and easy loss of adipose tissue and muscle building during intensive training. However, if you are set up for hard drying, you can resort to the formula 5: 1: 2. with this approach, the amount of protein significantly prevails over other components.

Low carbohydrate diet

A low-carb diet is not synonymous with drying, but in both cases, it is necessary to create a carbohydrate deficit. There are many approaches to a low-carb diet. Most suggest reducing the amount of these substances by 25% of what you used to consume.

Periodic fasting

The drying program may include periodic starvation. But do not forget that such cycles create additional stress for the body. And it is already experiencing a stressful situation. Therefore, if you really want to try this approach, fast no more than once a week. And do not forget that the abuse of this method can undermine your health and lead to the fact that you will stop losing body weight in principle.

Feeding during drying

In addition to counting BZHU, you need to focus on other principles of correct (as for the drying period) nutrition:

  • the most satisfying meals are served in the morning.
  • eat fractional meals, at least 6 times a day.
  • stick to a healthy diet.
  • to create a deficit of carbohydrates.

What foods are allowed to eat

In practice, these tips imply that a woman prefers low-fat meat, chicken and quail eggs, sea fish, and seafood. It can eat low-fat cottage cheese, cheese, kefir, brown rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, wheat porridge, fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs during drying. It is critically important not to forget about polyunsaturated fats, which are necessary for women's health.

Prohibited products

But you will also have to give up many delicious or familiar products during the drying period:

  • sweets, sugar, and beverages containing it.
  • potatoes, corn, and other products with high starch content.
  • animal fats and fatty dairy products.
  • cakes, pies, and all flour products.
  • fatty types of meat.

How to properly dry women at home

"Drying" at home is not so difficult. Break up your home meal portion into 6-7 meals. Do not forget to drink a lot of clean still water, do not allow dehydration. Without water, the body will not be able to "start" the necessary metabolic processes. Reduce the number of carbohydrates and do not forget about regular workouts with reduced weights. You can also use sports nutrition and dietary supplements.

Drying: periods and their duration

Do not rush to completely give up carbohydrates. This is harmful to the body and will not help you achieve your goals! "Dry" the body for many weeks, reducing the number of carbohydrates gradually. For nonprofessionals the process is divided into several periods:

  • The first week: fast carbohydrates are replaced with slow ones, and calories are calculated.
  • The second one is to enable accounting for BZHU.
  • The third week: the amount of carbohydrates is reduced to a gram per 1 kilogram of your own weight.
  • Fourth: the portion of carbohydrates is reduced to 0.5 g per kilogram.
  • Fifth: at this stage, it is possible, but not necessary, to completely eliminate carbohydrates for a short time.

Sample menu for the day

How does the implementation of all these tips look in practice? Calculating BZHU and calories is a strictly individual question. However, do not worry that the food will become too bland and monotonous. Your meal in one day might look something like this:

  • For Breakfast-oatmeal or Hercules on water or low-fat milk, a light fresh salad or a portion of baked fish with brown rice and vegetables. Another Breakfast option is an omelet with tomatoes, salad with avocado.
  • Second Breakfast - fruit salad or low-fat cottage cheese, or low-calorie bread with juice, or yogurt.
  • Lunch-boiled chicken breast and mushroom soup; ear or baked fish with a light salad, as an option: soup with lentils, Turkey, boiled beef, lean borscht.
  • Afternoon snack - a sandwich with chicken breast, fresh vegetables, cottage cheese with berries and nuts.
  • Dinner - baked chicken or steamed cutlets, low-fat cottage cheese, or baked fish.
  • Snacks can be unsweetened yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, nuts, dried fruits.

Sample menu of body drying for a week for novice girls

To make it easier for you to make your own weight loss plan, here is an example of good homemade food:

  • Main dishes for Monday: cottage cheese, protein omelet with rye bread, chicken soup.
  • Tuesday: oatmeal with low-fat yogurt, beef soup, vegetable salad, and chicken breast.
  • Wednesday: buckwheat with milk, soup with barley, fish and vegetables, greens salad.
  • Thursday: omelet, boiled beef and peas, chicken fillet, and salad.
  • Friday: boiled eggs and vegetables, buckwheat porridge and chicken, boiled vegetables, steamed fish.
  • Saturday: kefir, bread with bran, grilled fish, buckwheat, salad with seafood.
  • Sunday: oatmeal, scrambled eggs, rice, chicken broth, steamed fish, salad.

Ways to Improve your metabolism

For the body to improve its metabolism, you can resort to small tricks. For example, to speed up the metabolism, it is useful to visit saunas and baths. Your body will be grateful for your relaxation. It is also useful to do massages, drink green tea, and most importantly – get enough sleep.

Exit from drying mode

You can not abruptly interrupt the process, but gradually get out of this state. Just reverse the plan as you started "drying", and gradually add carbohydrates and high-calorie foods. Otherwise, you can expect edema, health problems, and other serious consequences. It is also important not to stop exercising, although the frequency of training can be reduced.


Aerobic and power loads are an important part of the process of forming a beautiful body. However, do not rely solely on weight training machines and weights: activities such as running, swimming, and playing sports will also help you achieve your goals. But it is better to coordinate the load program with an experienced trainer. And remember: only physically prepared people can" dry". If you have never systematically exercised before, trying to "dry out" will only harm you.

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Evaluation of results

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