How to lose weight in a week at home

How to lose weight in a week at home

Questions of weight loss do not cease to concern the modern person. Thanks to the attention to our health, nutrition, and lifestyle, as well as the work of professional dietitians, nutritionists, and trainers, we began to understand that maintaining our optimal shape requires a proper, systematic approach. By maintaining a small caloric deficit, regularly performing exercises that meet the state of the body, you can easily lose weight and not return it because of the "yo-yo" effect. If you need to lose weight "for the occasion" and quickly – for example, you were invited to an evening celebration in a week and urgently need to get rid of excess weight to look good in an outfit? how can I lose weight fast?

How to weight loss  in a week at home

There is no" magic recipe " for simply dropping pounds. At the same time, there are ways to quickly "drive" water out of the body, which gives an unpleasant puffiness effect, reduce body weight and switch to one, and sometimes two smaller clothing sizes. During the day, it is unlikely to succeed (although it is possible to visually remove the stomach), but a week will be enough. Even at home, you will be able to stick to a diet, perform simple exercises, and lose from 5 kg of weight.

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Before losing weight for a week, it is worth remembering the main conditions

start losing weight if you are healthy, your chronic diseases have not worsened, and you do not have a "blockage" at work – additional stress will reduce the effectiveness of the diet;
enter and exit from strict food restrictions should be smooth, changing the caloric content of the menu in a few days;
if you feel a sharp deterioration in your health, you need to stop the diet;
after you have managed to lose weight, you need to keep the weight by reviewing your eating habits and switching to proper and healthy dishes – then you will not "break down".

Let's look at how you can lose weight in 7 days without hurting yourself and getting an effective result.

Good nutrition

How to lose weight in a week, keep your health and good mood? The answer to this question is to choose the right food and pay attention to your well-being. With a menu rich in nutrients, but with an optimal caloric content of foods, it will be easier for you to lose weight than with a strict diet, your mood will be good, and the feeling of hunger will not interfere with you. If you prefer food restrictions, add vitamin and mineral complexes to the menu.

To lose weight effectively and quickly, you should eat more fruits and vegetables with a low glycemic index – raw, stewed, baked. Be sure to leave at least 40% protein in the menu to lose fat and extra water, not muscle mass. For quick weight loss, Turkey, lean fish, skinless chicken, rabbit, eggs, seafood, and vegetable protein are suitable.

Instead of simple carbohydrates (sugar, white flour products), eat complex ones. These are whole grain bread, unprocessed cereals, and durum wheat pasta. Carbohydrates are better left for the first half of the day, but it is not necessary to completely abandon them, as well as from fats so that the body functions correctly. For quick weight loss, the menu is excluded:
  • fast food: you should not eat this food on "normal" days, and even more so on fasting days;
  • "factory" sweets, which contain a huge amount of fat and sugar, as well as sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup;
  • sweet fizzy drinks-it is advisable to limit and bagged juices, they are high in calories;
  • alcohol – it is calorific and retains water in the body.

When losing weight, it is necessary to drink a lot of water – at least 1.5 liters per day. This will reduce the feeling of hunger during the diet, help to avoid dehydration, which is accompanied by headache, weakness, irritability. You can not completely exclude fats from your diet – they are necessary for the proper functioning of the brain, immune system, and internal organs. Reduce their number to 20% or less of the total caloric content of the menu and give preference to vegetable sources – olive oil, avocado, nuts, etc.

Compliance with the regime

To properly form a diet, stick to the fractional principle – eat at least five times a day, but in small portions, no more than 200 g at a time. Then you will not be hungry, even though the total amount of food will decrease. In a week, you can lose more than 3 kg, even without limiting yourself to your favorite foods. At the same time, you do not have to constantly control yourself, so as not to eat harmful things and not spoil the diet.

Try to reduce the number of temptations during weight loss – trips to cafes, plentiful family feasts. If the "fasting week" is a holiday on which you overeat, reduce the amount of food on the next day after the event. You will quickly compensate for the deviation in the caloric content of the menu.

To make it easier to lose weight, stick to a constant diet, without deviating from it for more than half an hour. The body will quickly get used to the routine, and you will not feel any discomfort. The last meal of the day should occur no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime.

If you are engaged in sports, fitness, or visit a gym, adjust the menu, frequency, and time of meals based on your activities:
  • the ratio of BCAAS in the diet should be shifted to the protein side;
  • leave complex carbohydrates on the "window" 40-120 minutes after exercise;
  • in General, the main part of the meal should fall in the first half of the day.

Bodily exercises

To lose weight quickly, add exercise. When losing weight on a large calorie deficit, you need to be careful with weight exercises. Ideal for home classes, cardio, dancing, morning runs, etc. It will be easy for you, and the weight will go away faster. You need to leave at least half an hour for classes every day and work intensively. To train properly, devote most of your time to the" problem " areas – your stomach, thighs, and upper legs.

Abdominal and hip exercises

For the stomach, effective workouts are aimed at straight and oblique muscles – twisting with tension, lifting the body, legs at an angle, and vertically, from a lying position on the floor. For weight loss, training with a chair is useful. You need to sit on it, put your hands on the seat and lift your legs, lifting them off the floor. You need to work in approaches of 15-25 times, making small breaks, for at least 20 minutes.

To lose weight in the hip area, you will have to make a lot of effort. The problem zone for many people "lends itself" to training, in which there are a lot of slow squats – "pistol", place, sumo with weights, and without them. To study the inner surface of the hip when losing weight, perform intensive exercises, for example, swinging your legs, "pumping" the muscles.
Exercises for the legs

As with the hips, a variety of squats are useful for weight loss. It is desirable to perform them with turns, when performing exercises, take dumbbells in your hands (they can be replaced with bottles of water for 1-1. 5 liters). To lose weight faster, perform leg swings, knee raises to the chest, lunges, and so on. They should be supplemented with a plank – so you will lose weight and strengthen your back and arms.

Menu for the week

Before losing weight for a week, think about your menu. There are several nutrition programs in mono mode, in which a single product is preferred every day. As a rule, such diets start on Monday to make it easier to count, but you can also shift the schedule as convenient to you. Here is a rough plan for seven days:

  • on the first day, vegetables are allowed in any form, except fried. You can drink water with ginger, lemon (they are useful for weight loss), teas without sugar and milk, vegetable broths;
  • the second day is meat-based. Allowed are rabbits, chicken, veal (boiled or baked, stewed). The meat should be divided into three doses of 200-300 g. To lose weight without disrupting your digestion, drink more water, herbal teas, and decoctions;
  • the third day is carbohydrate-based. Include fresh and baked vegetables, fruits, greens, and low-fat yogurt without additives or sweeteners in your diet. You can drink tea or coffee without sugar;
  • on the fourth day, only soups are allowed, but different ones. Prepare mashed vegetable soup, borscht, pickle, or another favorite first course. Alternate different soups;
  • on the fifth day, fish is allowed. It should not be salted, fried, or dried. To make it easier to tolerate the diet, you can add some fresh or stewed vegetables to the fish. Water and one percent kefir are allowed for drinking;
  • on the sixth day, you can allow yourself baking – it will not break the diet. However, you will lose weight only if the number of buns and muffins is small.
  • for the last 24 hours, the menu can only include boiled potatoes and some vegetables with ginger or other seasonings.

Exercise every day so that the weight goes away quickly. After a week of self-restraint, you will be able to lose weight significantly, but you need to leave the diet smoothly, so as not to cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract.


To lose weight urgently in a week, you will not be able to avoid food restrictions in any case. Here are some options for affordable and effective diets that you can quickly achieve results with. However, on a menu with strict restrictions, pregnant women and people with health problems should not lose weight.

Buckwheat diet

A diet of micronutrient-rich, nutritious cereals will not harm your health and will help you lose weight rapidly in no more than a week. By the end of the "marathon", you will be able to lose up to 7 kg, without feeling a strong hunger-buckwheat is low-calorie, but satisfying. To diversify the mono-menu, add low-fat kefir, a little dried fruit (preferably prunes).

Kefir diet

Most of those who thought about how to lose weight in a week met with a kefir diet. Just 500 ml of fermented milk products per day will help you quickly lose excess weight and see a "minus" of several kgs on the scales. However, for weight loss, in addition to kefir, you can eat only a little – every day of the week a different product:
four boiled potatoes – for this diet, they should be cooked with the skin;
  1. cottage cheese, 400 g;
  2. fruit, 500 g;
  3. boiled chicken breast – for weight loss, the amount is selected by the volume of protein per body weight;
  4. baked or stewed vegetables, 400 g.

One day in a week with this weight loss remains "skinny". Only kefir and water from 1.5-2 liters are allowed. So you can lose weight by 7-10 kg and quickly, but it is difficult to withstand these restrictions.

Apple diet

To lose weight, you need to eat whole fruits, fresh or baked without sugar, as well as a puree. The diet also allows freshly squeezed Apple juice. However, as in the case of citrus "unloading", this option of losing weight is not suitable for people with stomach and gastrointestinal diseases, it needs to be sustained for a maximum of a week.

Other diets for rapid weight loss:

Liquid. An emergency method of quite "hard" weight loss, in which only kefir 2.5%, fruit, and vegetable fresh, broths, etc. are allowed. in a week, you can lose weight and significantly reduce body weight, but for the body, this is strong stress.

Cottage cheese or milk. The fat content of the products should below. To lose weight, 4-7 days are enough.

Vegetable or cucumber soup. You can lose weight by 5 kg or more. It is allowed to add low-fat dairy products, fruit smoothies, and berries to vegetables.

In order not to think about how to lose weight in a few weeks, use the BeFit program for those who want to lose weight quickly and simply. Specially designed for weight loss, the diet consists of delicious and rich in nutrients, with which you will eat correctly, without wasting time on buying and preparing food. Before Light contains the maximum protein and fiber, and you will quickly achieve the desired figures on the scale.

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