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Our Story

We recently asked ourselves, "What is the most important relationship in our lives?"

Besides our girlfriends, it's our family especially our parents. But how often do we communicate with them? And how often do they ask us how we are doing or how often do they express their concerns for our long absence.
We ascertained that it is difficult to keep them updated because of our hectic schedules and our independent living. Consequently we often forget to stay in touch with them. We also realised that none of them were keen to use social media and we didn't think it's the right medium either, as we wanted to have a more thoughtful and special way to share updates and photos with them.

So we decided to build HiMom that brings us closer together and bridges this gap in a more personal and easy way.

Our aim is to have HiMom becomes the first thing that comes into your mind when you want to share something with your parents.